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By Kate Walker
I have an idea for a pen that writes like a mechanical pencil. I like to use mechanical pencils because you can wear down the edge a bit, and the lead writes very smooth and easy. I have not come across a pen that does this. My idea is a pen that has a bit of an angle so that you can either write with a sharp point or turn the pen slightly and use a thicker, smoother line. Also, this pen will not bleed through the paper or make extremely thick lines. The pen point, should not be large, just about the size of mechanical pencil lead (0.7mm).

Reward: For people everywhere to get the chance to use this pen!
By Moo
I like your idea. ;-D
By travismore
it sounds like you would like a fountain pen.

waterford makes some of the best mechanical pencils with angles. fountain pen nibs give you freedom to angle your writing. bleeding depends on the ink. a good ink in a good fountain pen goes a long way.

check these out. waterford and more at


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