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By hbbatista
Since a high performance turbocharger reduces engine lifetime, I had this idea.

The turbocharger turbine would be connected to a reductor instead of an air pump and then it would push an alternator. So, all parts that are normally connected directly to the engine, like oil pump, water pump, air conditioner compressor, power steering pump, would be pushed by electrical motors. The engine would get free from all that stuff without being damaged, and all the energy wasted in exhaust flow would be recycled by the turbo. Even the waste gate would not be necessary.

Reward: I would like to know that it works.
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By Michael D. Grissom
The turbocharger only has to boost intake pressure by a few psi. This doesn't take a lot of energy and the exaust doesn't have a lot of energy. To try to get even more energy from the exaust would cause excessive back pressure which would reduce the engines power. The airconditioner alone requires between 3 to 5 horse power. Under heavy load the alternator would eat 3 hp. Just these two together would not be possible with the exaust energy available. I think Hydrogen and/or Hybrid is the way to go for now.
By headwerkn
>>Just these two together would not be possible with
>>the exaust energy available.

... and even if it was, the turbo lag would be awful, as the turbine fights all that inertia.
By Justin
simply put;
If you ran an electric air pump to pump air into the engine your altinator would be harder to turn because you would need to make more electrity for the air pump.. Ironicaly, The idea of a turbo charger purposely uses exaust energy since the engine needs back preasure for reliabily. They are trying to tap into a free source of power to run the "air pump".

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