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By Derek
Never get yelled at for leaving the toilet seat up ever again. The toilet would be voice activated (for both up and down) but it would also have a sensor so that it would not allow you to hurt yourself if you were too close when you (or someone else) commanded it. It would be just like those urinals which automatically flush after you leave, because this one would automatically lower the seat if it was left up when the person got out of the reach of the sensor. This way, guys would never have to worry about lowering the toilet seat ever again.

Reward: Knowing there'd be less yelling (for leaving the seat up) in the world, is reward enough.
By palema
I guess I was improperly socialized or something.

While I (a woman) prefer to find the seat down, I cannot justify telling the males in the household they must conform to MY convenience.

Why should I not leave it UP for them ? Then they wouldn't have to get their hands dirty moving the toilet seat around.
By pwjthegreat
won't it be very noisy when you visit the toilet in the wee hours of the night or early mornings? ur famliy members would be woken up by the voice, especially those of whom have toilets in their bedroom......
By jackjohnson
You lazy bump! And also it is good idea.

Because, I, a man, prefer to find the toilet seat up after telling it to.

Hey - whistle instead if your voice is too loud. Or gesture. Easy.

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