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By geoff deet
Compact the size of a womans powder kit, with folded over elastic edged, sanitized disposable, biodegradable phone covers, (or nets), to be stretched over any phone, ex....hotel phones, hospital phones, telephone booth phones, or any phone you may use, home, or away from home.

Reward: yes, there are many for this product
By iglimpse
Why do you need covers for any phone. What exactly are you worried about ? 8-o
By jackjohnson
You may feel honored:

'a womans powder kit'

on a google search deliverd only your post ;)
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By Lukasz
I belive that this a good idea. I do not like to touch all of the dirty public phones as well.

Hey, iglimpse he is worried about germs --- germs are not a new concept you know ;).
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By Steve
I'm no doctor, but from what I've heard, it's healthy to be exposed to a couple of germs now and then. Living in a hospital atmosphere will kill your immune system.

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