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By Marshall Gass
How about designing a liquid that once you immerse your hands into forms thin cellular sheath. This will prevent infections, keep your hands sterilised and clean. Once finished with your surgery, washing, gardening, serving food, exminations, and other such common household and medical applications. All you have to do is run your hands under hot water and the liquid gloves dissolve away. Brilliant idea.

Reward: A message back saying if this is a good one.
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By Steve
Sound like an interesting idea, BUT dissolving them in hot water is definitely NOT a good idea. :-[ Remember, the human body is pretty warm (surgery!), or what about serving hot food?

Why can't those gloves just be peeled of?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Not the same but similar: automotive parts stores sell Liquid Gloves that you rub on, let dry, then when done, wash off. This is a LOT easier than trying to get grease out of your fingerprints and out from underneath your fingernails with hand soaps/cleaners.

If plastisols could be made to air dry a lot faster, they would solve your problem and could be blown off with compressed air. I suppose a two part plastisol could be made where the second dip would be into a catalyst to cure the first dip.

It's still going to be hard to beat the vinyl surgeons gloves at 25 cents a pair (in boxes of 50) that are available at some auto parts stores.

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