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By Cat
How about setting up a website where authors that normally would never be published could publish excerpts of their work? Then, if people like it, they may pay for a downloadable version of the whole thing. Authors could set the price per copy as whatever they feel their work is worth - maybe there could be some sort of bidding system? The site could take a small percentage of sales. And on the same site, perhaps if some agents or publishers would periodically list their submission guidelines and post notes about what they are buying and looking to buy?

Reward: If this really happens, post a note on the message board!
By prizmone
There are a number of commercial e-book publication sites that will actually do this for you. Check Google for e-book publishers, the list gets longer each week.
By Ataraxis
Aha! All but a week ago I staggered upon a website that is EXACTLY what you described:

It's great.
By will
one word. HACKERS. they can steal and then pirate your materal over other underground sites easy. then again, if someone went through all that trouble over my works, id be honoured.
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By Michael D. Grissom
This is the perfect site for you! They publish every Monday and pay you professional wages for your work. It's a vast network of volunteer editors, publishers, etc. FREE to join and only the author gets paid.

My roommate is a fiction writer and loves this site.
By bird12-1
Cat: This is one of the best ideas on the site as far as I am concerned. I have now been searching for a place to show a couple of paragraphs from my writings: it would be best if the publishers set up their own sample/read pages, ? .

What I've found: the Chat boards from MSN offer a few groups that are into writing and publishing.

I have also found a few publishers who would publish my book IF I pay for it. Not what I had in mind. I've already written the book, that's enough input.

Good idea: you could try writing a few publishers with this idea, maybe they'd set things up.

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