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By Rubina Khan
Well it's a simple idea and i am not sure if it hasn't been tried already or not (maybe someone can tell me).

Basically it is a child safety seat that is moulded into the passenger seat of a family car. But can still be used as a normal passenger seat for adults (removable cover). I am sure it could be a valuable feature to sell cars with this built in them as an option.

Reward: Well this is a profit making product for car manufacturers. so i would like a percentage of it to go towards children charities - specifically orphans. Maybe an International childrens trust of some sort.
By sun427
Unfortunatley it has benn done my Mother-in-law has a Mini-van with them......I do not like them because the seat (when the car seat is not in use) is not as comfortable. Two, my childs head dangles lifelessly when she tries to sleep. I guess if your kids never sleep in the car the hey go for it.

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