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By ballwash
Picture this;
You work in a large organisation which has hundreds of offices scattered all over the place.

Your work takes you off to various random locations around the building.

The building has numerous swipe card access points for security.

The building also has a large telephone system centrally connected to an exchange.

Most of the day you are not at your desk and you miss most of your calls.

Why not connect the security system to the phone system?

The call comes in. Before being directed to your extension the phone system checks with the security system to check your whereabouts.

The call is automatically routed to a communal phone in your vicinity. You could even have personal ringtones that follow you round so when the phone rings you know its for you.

With enough sensors scanning security cards as you walk past phone calls could intercept you as you walk down the corridor.

Reward: Name it after me.

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