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By clearsapphire
Count me in. I am a freshman in Mechanical Engineering.

It seems to me a good company needs four things: people, enthusiasm, a goal, organization.
so far we are doing great for people and enthusiasm. I agree we should pick a goal. What we seriously lack in is organization.
Since we can't all sit around in a coffee shop shooting ideas at eachother, maybe its time we start a facebook or a google group thing.
By booradley1
Did anything ever happen with forming this company?

Sounds like a good idea.

greatjay wrote:hey friends,

I just joined this site and I already notice that there are a lot of extremely creative and great thinkers. I propose that some of the smartest minds on here come together and form a team/company to advance many of our great ideas. This way we know that we are directly influencing our world for the better.... we could all contribute in many ways that we can to achieve each of our ideas and in turn, all benefit for collaborating to achieve the ideas. Any interested parties, please respond to this post and lets contribute positively to this world.

Reward: A world full of smiles!
By greatjay
Hi There! Am glad you brought this up again. We haven't formally combined forces yet to form a great company. I personally think it would be a monumental achievement as we would be completely unstoppable. I would personally be happy to devote my organizational resources to say the least, in bringing this to fruition. Having great minds like Mr. Michael, swimmer and all others interested would be an honor and would truely constitute the most valuable organization ever created. We can start by trading email addresses and I can get the organization going from there to get us all together. Please share your thoughts :)

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