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By mail2shekar8
My requirement is very simple.

On TV, we have around 500 channels and it is very difficult to remember the channel numbers.i keep on pressing + button search for one channel. Can't we have a search button on the remote so that i can search for the channel i require?

I also had an idea to create this type of pool 5 years back but cudn't make it. Good to see this pool...I appreciate every one sharing your ideas for changing your future world. I believe this site needs to put the board of accepted ideas,if any so that it can motivate the users to really THINK???Any comments are welcome...

Reward: As this is a simple requirement, i would not require any reward.
By Deepseth
I live in Turkey and we have a cable company that gives that service. You can press "guide" button on its special remote and on that menu you can search the channels. They are even grouped as "movies", "news" and so on...
By Krausejt22
I get a satellite service and it comes with a guide. One can also create a favorites list to making searching even easier.
By swimfit
Isn't this kind of stuff available already? Like you have a button on the control, which when pressed while show up the list of channels alongside and you scroll to choose what you are looking for? Is this what you meant?

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