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While I was cutting grass I thought that since you have to cover every inch of the lawn, there should be a gallon tank on front or side of mower with a pump running off of the shaft to spray whatever. You could spray fertilizer, bug spray, or even just water, while you're mowing the lawn.
By greatjay
good idea. But you would have to be careful not to mow over areas that you have already sprayed, since some people like to run through the same spots more than once. Overall, I think that with some little tweaks to the mechanics of the machine, this issue is resolvable.
By coup83
Good idea! It doesn't sound overly complicated and could save a lot of time.

One question: I've never sprayed a lawn with fertilizer/anything... do you need to spray every inch of the lawn, or just certain trouble spots? If it's just trouble spots, I'm not sure it would be worth the extra cost of installing the pump

This also kind of reminds me of those pellet spreaders (that you walk behind like a lawn mower and they throw pellets in every direction. Those have a pretty big range, right?
By greatjay
Some people spray trouble spots if those are the only problem areas, but some people spray their entire lawn with fertilizer and weed killer to make the lawn nice and green. So I guess it would depend on the lawn in question.

And you are right! This does bring the pellet spreaders to memory. The difference here is that is is motorized instead of mechanical thereby, more time effective.

I need to post a new post about adding a solar pannels to harness solar power in the lawn mower and may be combining wind energy also to make it more cost effective by avoiding the use of gas to power the motor.
By holeN1
That is a very good idea. I don't think I've ever seen one marketed for residential use, but they do exist for commercial/more expensive mowers. One of my friends who does lawn maintenance for a living has a giant tank with a sprayer and a small electric pump(wired to the scag's battery) attached to what looks like a set of double roll bars over the engine. It's designed for exactly what you're talking about... he sprays roundup with it. I'm new to this site, i don't even know if i can post a pic or not
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