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By MattMac
Store owners would be in favour of this big time. There would be tones of people waiting in line at any given ATM on voting day, thus increasing foot traffic in the store, which in turn would increase sales. And why cant you use your actual bank card to vote? Whats the use in issuing a whole new card?
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By Steve
Michael D. Grissom wrote:STRIKE 2.999 tulrain (super hint)


I'll bet we're only about 5~8 years away from internet/TV voting options.

I can already picture it... thousands of Florida voters punching holes in their screens. :-b
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By Steve
tulrain wrote:all i know is that i am not going to want to wait for some slow person to vote just so i can withdraw money. wont work.

Actually I do think tulrain has a point there. ;-) If I run out of money and there's a line of voters in front of me I'd get pissed off as well... :-?
By elexreynolds
I love the idea!!! I even dream of the day that we can vote online. We could secure the "transaction" from fraud by requiring the use of a Smart Card We are required to use the Smart Card as Federal Employees to login to the network. The card is our employee ID Card as well. This shouldn't cause any fear of a National ID card since you can get a card from a multiple government and private sector sources, possibly your employer. You could login from anywhere that had a Smart Card Reader and software. not just limited to your home or office, but even ATMs or other point of sale devices. The only requirement that I see as a necessity is the ability to KEEP YOUR VOTE PRIVATE!!!

The upside as I see it would be that voter turn-out would skyrocket.

The main downside would be that, for both this idea as well as the ATM voting machine, is exit polls. Without exit polls how do you gauge if the factuality of these processes? The other is that many would see it as a need to abolish the Electoral College system.
By InventR
How about depositing money in your account say 100 bucks to Vote - might stop a few people from stealing atm cards.......and a lot more from voting, I guess.

Upsides of ATM voting - can vote from anywhere in the world.

Downsides - can vote from anywhere in the world.

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