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By iglimpse
Its that time of year again, lots of games bought for Xmas but the boxes are so flimsy that already bits have fallen out of the boxes and are lost.

Why don't companies give you the option of buying classic games like monopoly / scrabble etc in a wooden box with a laminated cover so that the games could remain in families for years. I suppose it is not in their interest though as they would earn little in resale.

Any small woodworker out there with time on their hands?
By ftfmayo
Good Idea? Seems like a niche to me, aftermarket decorator packaging.
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By Michael D. Grissom
How 'bout punching all the parts like cards, paper money, and the board out of readily available magnetic plastic sheeting. This material could also be added to the base of all the 3D pieces. This way, everything sticks together. This would also make it difficult for potential cheaters to 'accidentally' bump the board to avoid losing. Also, when the kids eventually grow out of the game, you can then use all the peices to make your refridgerator look REALLY tacky. :-P

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