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By iglimpse
I am a mum to a large family. Out old address book is on it's last legs...again. Need an electronic one for phone numbers / addressess / birthdays and any other junk that people keep in there. Yes I know the PDA's or palm tops do the job but I don't need all that organisation (really!!) and they would not be suitable for the whole family to use, bit too whizzy for us.

My mobile phone book is already full with numbers. Yes we have a PC but when all the kids aren't on it, I don't want to power it up for one vital phone number. Amstrad brought out the phone e mailer with a handy pull out mini keyboard but I only need the little keyboard bit... Am I asking too much to make family life a little less stressful?

Reward: Bankrupt directory services that we pour a lot of money to
By jaycee20
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