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By Lizzard
I love giving my wife a romantic time alone in the bath where she can relax with candles and sensual oils. I would love to add some bubble bath or oils to the bath water but the problem is that my wife gets infection from all the oils and stuff in the water. I would love to get her some tight waterproof hotpants which won't allow the oils and stuff to get where it should not.

This should be easy to make and I hope someone does. Also think of how HOT your wife will look everytime so goes for a bath.

Reward: If someone makes them, I want a dozen PLEASE.
By formulator
Knowing what women do in a tub... alone... I can predict that your wife isn't going to wear those pants because they will get in the way... of what she does there!
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By Cutiepie!13
#23173 do you assume that women do that in the tub when they are alone? suppose she is just a hard-working individual who is looking forward to a relaxing evening, etc.

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