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By joy
As a working mother of three, I do not ever leave my home without my trusty companion: my purse! Although I own an SUV, there never seems to be an appropriate place to put my purse! Don't auto manufacturers realize that a very large majority of their consumer base consists of purse-toting women? How about expanding the area beneath the glove compartment to hold our purse?

Reward: Written recognition and an 'idea' award! A new vehicle would be nice. I like Jaguars. *hint*hint*
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By Steve
I'm afraid that this would quickly develop into a quick-stop break in device for burglars and thieves. :-o
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By CycoMage
I think this is an excellent idea, and could come in a hidden +/or locking version, although I believe the intention is to have a place to keep the purse out of the way while driving, and would not recommend keeping a purse in an unattended vehicle. I also think it would be very easy to aftermarket a product to replace the interior door panel on most SUV's as to create a larger door pocket that could also meet the design requirements. :-P
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By Lukasz
What size of a purse are we talking about?
There are many sizes and not all of them would fit into an attainable space. ;) It is a very good idea for smaller ones.

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By Michael D. Grissom
Isn't that what head-rest's and emergency brake levers are for? :-)

I will assume you don't put it under the seat because you want quick access to the purse and under the glove box is too far away for convienient access so,...

What about a wide thermo-formed plastic hook that slips over the top center of a bench seat. When not in use it should fit under the seat. For bucket seats, it will depend on what's already on the floor between the two seats.

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By CycoMage
Joy, you are having trouble finding a place to keep your purse in an SUV, but you want a Jag. This presents many more problems, and may beg the question "what is the trunk for, anyway?". Yet, maybe another idea could be a hidden space underneath the back seat, reachable between the two front seats. This, however, would be of no help in your new Jag. Otherwise, I also like the hanging pre-formed holder, although I do not believe that under the "glove-box" (I've never found gloves in one) is too far to reach for accessability. I do believe the glove compartment was designed to be easily reached by the driver. B-)

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