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By merts
stirling engine employs pistons to harness the power of expanding gas but nobody atleast that i know who experimented with turbine based heat engines. The principle is simple heated gas expands and must move to area with low pressure a turbine installed in between the heated part and cold part harness the gas stream into rotary motion and drive an electric generator.A fluid with very low boiling point like refrigerants is best used for this engine however due to the very cold temperature requirement to re condense the gas the idea is suited to outer space application as replacement to thermoelectric cells where the subzero temperatures solves your condensation issue.
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By Derk Jochems
this exact idea is being build in spain for the las 10 years...
It works with multiple mirrors wich act as a giant sun heat catcher, they point it to a square tower about 16 meters high and create steam power (with turbines).

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