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By FlatTop808
This idea is immanently doable. Coke and Pepsi both provide machines to restaurants for this exact purpose, for a fee, of course. I guess it could be scaled down to a residential unit.
All you need is a water line (preferably filtered) and an electrical outlet. You'd have a bottle of carbon dioxide gas, a carbonation unit (to carbonate the water), the box of syrup, and the fountain unit.
The smallest box of syrup for commercial use is 2.5 gallons, which makes about 15 gallons of finished product. That translates to 160 12 oz. cans. A 1 gallon box might be better for a house.
The CO2 bottles are heavy and are supposed to be chained to something so they don't fall over, break off the valve, and go shooting through the wall. That could probably be scaled down and have a cage around the valve so nothing could damage it.
And before anybody asks how you can have a box full of liquid, there's a bag in the box. The box just makes them easy to store and carry.
By Jim10
How about a less ambitious version. Have a keg of coke in the kitchen (refrigerated); then install separate lines (tubes) to various watering holes located throughout the property: Eg: poolside, gazebo, servants quarters, the ballroom, etc. (You know your estate better than I...pick a spote! You get the idea. Taps would be available at strategic, thristy locations...and a variety of drinks possible. This would be great for a B&B, motel or even hotel.
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By FlatTop808
If what you're proposing is a system similar to a draft beer system, that presents problems of its own. In draft beer, unless the tap is right beside the keg the lines for the beer must be cooled or the gas comes out of solution and the beer turns to foam. This is done by having a pair of lines that run out from the keg to the taps and back, paralleling the beer lines, that contain refrigerated glycol. This, of course, has its own refrigetation unit and pump. And kegs also have CO2 bottles to pressurize them and push the beer through the line. A soft drink keg system would need all of these same things, meaning about the same amount of equipment (fridge for the keg, fridge and pump for the coolant lines, and CO2 bottles) as a fountain unit.
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By Greenearthman
Im surprised coke hasnt given you a check yet, the idea is doable, but might be more of a hassle.....would consumers get a monthly check, would they have to install a whole new system just for coke? it seems ridiculous to do so....

Coke is loaded with sugar, and i would not want my offspring to have full access to it as they might prefer coke to everything, and i dont want to make my offspring custom coke consumers with no other choice or opinion.
Good but not the healthiest idea.

On the other side, coke from the restaurant fountain hookup seems to taste better from the drive through or is it just me?

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