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By Angela Brown
This one's for people who can only use one hand. I'd like a gadget, maybe a magnetic glove or a magnetic ring. The daily objects I want to use are fixed with metal that the magnets can pick up on, so say the hemiplegic reaches for a brush and the toothbrush or hairbrush or even a large pen, anything small, useful and fiddly stays in place and - with maybe great difficulty - I have some degree of extra help to use everyday objects.

Reward: Limited use of a useless hand.
By David Harris
Hi Angela
see my idea called helping hand. try it out
it works my Mum has badly swollen joints and finds it difficult to lift small objects and tins etc.
I made her one out of a golf glove and it works
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By Michael D. Grissom
A few months ago while searching for a place to market my ColorSensePen for the color-blind, I stumbled onto a huge website that only carrys items to help the handicapped. They obtain grants for all worthy ideas brought to the site and then produce the product. I can only remember that the site was not in the USA. I think it was in Sweden or Austria but not sure. It shouldn't be too hard to find on an internet search. To help, they were the only one of two sites in the world that carried a "Talking Color Detector" for color blind people. I think it may have been called "ColorSpeak" or "Color Speak". If you go looking for that, you might find the site.
I'll try to find it for you when I have time and repost that site here.

Good luck!

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