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By John Charles Thomas
There are many reasons that people pollute so badly but one is sure just lack of perception. Your garbage seems simply to disappear. So, here's the deal. Inside every TV is a mandatory chip that displays an image of the garbage that you produce. At first, it obscures a small part of your TV screen, but over time, more and more is obscured. If you produce less garbage, the TV becomes obscured less quickly. To reduce the garbage, you may perform certain acts such as planting a tree. You plant a tree, and a signal is sent that reduces your garbage image proportion.

Reward: Gee, I dunno. A habitable planet for my grandchildren might just about do it for me.
By Migran
What if I throw my tv away? I just created more garbage, but they;ve got nowehre to send their signal. What then? Oh, I won'r be checking this board, but I think my email addy is here somewhere
By Jone
Your idea is a bit interesting. But how would the t.v know how much trash you produce and would that t.v be doing that for each day's garbage for all the accumulated trash during the year? Don't you think you would really start to detest t.v if all the time it was telling you that, if you simply want to watch the weather channel you wouldn't because it's covered with pics of trash!!I think the idea needs a bit more work.sorry.
By Takoma Park
Plant a tree to reduce garbage/image ratio. But wouldn't that mean that pretty soon we couldn't see the screen for all the trees? Hmm... not a bad idea at all!

Alternative to obscuring parts of the screen: Just phase out the one or two decent channels as a pollution penalty; what's left over is garbage anyway...
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By Michael D. Grissom
Biodegradable (bioplastic) packaging/containers can solve much of the problem now but, because of the added expense per unit, it would take government legislation to force everyone to do it. After that, by way of mass production, the cost per unit would eventually drop to an acceptable level.

copy/paste from the web:


#110 Go Biodegradable

This is Laurie Howell with "The GreenScene".

A caterer in Santa Fe, New Mexico wrote in asking where she could find biodegradable to-go containers. I went to Sustainable for some answers.

Coincidentally, Editor Rona Fried has just included in her news briefs a story about a new bioplastic plant in Nebraska that's making raw material for plastic cups and packaging out of corn. The technology is called Nature Works and the material composts into carbon dioxide and water.

I've also written in the past about another company called Earth Shell which has been making biodegradable containers for McDonald's and the federal government.

Finally, I directed the caterer to a couple of wonderful environmental search engines, so she could find some more information - and If you have a question, write to us at

Nature Works:

Earth Shell:


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