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By midoh
I remember from my last visit to a department store getting a blast of warm/hot air as I came in through the door,usually the heaters are above you.The blast of heated air is very pleasant after coming in off a cold street in winter.Obviously a shower heater for personal use would have to be considerably scaled down(in terms of wattage/power output!).I wonder,could some of the heat used to heat the water could be transferred to heat air as well, by means of heat exchanger or some similar mechanism.I think what is the bane of everyone is having to take damp wet towels & put them in the washing machine.Ideally you could eliminate this chore if you had a dryer unit in the bathroom,if it blasted heated air from ground level upwards, your footsies would be dried first,also you would get a nice blast of warm air(don't make it too hot!) in the crotch area!
All in all, if the practical difficulties can be overcome you are onto a winner! ;-D
By jasonc
Anyone have any updates on this type of a product? I had heard Triton makes a body dryer - but I doubt it is as good as the car wash type things. Please let me know if anyone has seen this or has had success building it. Thanks very much.

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