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By vinupattar
Seeing all the muck accumulated in the cuffs and collars after a days travelling, I was thinking of a scrubber option built into a washing machine. Maybe a slot where you insert the cuffs and the collar for a time till the buzzer sounds. This would ensure that the shirts' cuffs and collars are scrubbed clean and I have a crisp clean shirt after wash.

Reward: A washing machine with the above feature incorporated.
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By Steve
Nice one - actually I can even imagine a machine where you throw in a coin, insert your sleeves and have the most delicate zones dry-cleaned within a couple of minutes. ;-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
Doesn't that new fabric coating I've been seeing on TV prevent fabric from getting dirty in the first place? Maybe that's the wave of the future. Also, isn't that what that hand-held portable steam cleaner (also seen on TV) was designed to do? OR,... am I watching too much TV?

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