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By vinupattar
Many times while driving in the sun, I wish if there was a knob in the car's dashboard, using which i could turn the windows opaque to a certain extent. Some times at night, with the tinted glasses, I wish I could turn them completely transparent.

I dunno if such a device exists, but the laevo & dextro rotatory properties of light when passing through different mediums may be used. Another idea would be to use a chemical sandwiched between layers that could be triggered by electrical impulses.

Reward: Could someone fit such a device to my car?
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By Steve
This already exists (and it works much in the way you described), but I think you can only get it if you're willing to spend six figures on your car... :-/
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By CycoMage
This begs for ideas about cost-reduction in the manufacturing process of the glass/polymers. Ideas that I don't have. The electricity demand is low enough to run off of solar-powered polarized sunglasses, it's just the materials and processing that would seem to be a problem. ;-)
P.S. I LO0ove emoticons. Could someone help me out w/ a suitable avatar? (Steve, maybe?)
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By Steve
Cycomage, did you try the avatar gallery for a start? (Accessible via your profile...) Or what kind of av are you looking for?
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By CycoMage
Of course I did, Steve. None suitable. Been looking on the web, but unlucky so far. I'm thinkin' a wizard of some sort, but I may just try to crop down a b+w pic. o' meself.
Anyway, any more words or thoughts about adjustable car window transparency? I don't want to stay off-subject too long. I wish WINdows was more transparent though... ;-7

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