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By missmtm
Looking to create a secure environment in nursing home rooms for telephone fraud prevention without the necessity for remembering lengthy passwords or using calling cards with long numbers to dial.

Perhaps a telephone that records the authenticated voice and stores in the unit. Then, no dial tone is given until the voice verification process authenticates the speaker using the telephone.
good idea ;-D but the only thing is what are you going to do if you have a cold i won't recognize your voice then, then your left without a phone :~(
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By Michael D. Grissom
There are a number of gun safety devices that, for example, require you to wear a coded proximity ring or watch and some even require a chip implant under your skin. If you're not wearing it, you can't use the gun or device. As these become mass produced I envision the price dropping to acceptable levels for telephones, automobiles, etc.

As for voice recognition, I use it to type for me in these forums to save time. I think Apple computer has the best going so far -- it doesn't seem to care if I have a cold or not and rarely misses a word. There are some very accurate voice recognition telephones on the market these days. It might be worthwhile to buy just one and train it for everyone in the home and test it over a period of time -- especially on those that have a cold.

One thing I learned when trying to teach my dear old mom how to use one is that you have to train it for every conceivable name and nickname they might have ever used including whispering and screaming those names. I once heard my mom screaming her MAIDEN name into the phone -- I hadn't heard that name in 35 years!
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