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By Michael D. Grissom
Sure they see something -- a whole bunch of garbage that they can't quite make out. Animals are just as curious as people only they don't know that what they are seeing isn't real so, they sometimes try to touch it.
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By Steve
I would assume that it's like showing 6 frames per second to humans. Wouldn't exactly give you the impression of a smooth movie, I guess... :-)
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By midoh
My youngest nephew can be pacified by putting a "Bob the Builder" video on!-I'm just wondering......coundn't loads of $$$ash be made by the first person to bring out the premiere version of "Lassies' adventures" or other canine favourites on video?

There's only one way to tell if you've got the Frame-rate right-by monitoring Fido's tail-end-frequency-response! ;-D

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By Steve
I talked about this with a friend yesterday, and he reminded me that dogs don't give so much about visuals because their eyes aren't the best. That is true of course - scents and sounds are much more important for them. Don't know what kind of impact that has on the original idea, just thought I'd post it here. :-?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Every dog that I've ever seen, while out for a walk, gets instantly interested in any other dog it sees even if it's down-wind. I can't help but think this might also hold true for a TV image given that the dog probably isn't smart enough to tell initially if it's real or not.

But then, isn't that the fun of inventing? -- guessing your right up until you build a proto and find out for sure. And like Midoh says, if the "tail end frequency response" (good one Midoh) was outside the target 'bandwidth' then try rubbing a strange dogs scent onto the TV screen and see if anything changes. Who knows, it might only work with that chemical scent synthesizer that was invented for TV back in the late 70's early 80's. Either way, I think it would be fun to try.
By Gingersnap126
My sheltie, Dixie Belle, runs up to the TV and barks and will sit and actively "watch" a movie....head alert and moving back and forth. Once a rabbit hopped across my big screen TV and she followed the rabbit off the screen and went behind the tv as if to look for the rabbit.
Fast moving sports are another favorite, especially basketball.
She also likes to sit in my lap facing front (like Toonses, the driving cat) while riding in the car.
Is it possible that some dogs' vision is not the standard frames per second?
By swordshero
Or maybe we could gentically manipulate a dogs eyes and change the frame viewing rate? No, I didn't think so. Sounds like a good idea.

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