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By blindgraphics
A device that would retro-fit onto the front wheel wells of cars and trucks that would hold a small container of sand which could be activated during icy road conditions when brakes are applied. The sand would disperse in front of the tire allowing for better traction. This device would also assist in sanding roads for motorists without the device. Purdy easy to do n' might just save a few fender benders.

Reward: An ice cream cone...unsanded of course.
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By Steve
Sounds cool! ;-D

Two thoughts to contemplate & possibly improve this idea:

1.) The sand will need some time to fall to the ground, so probably the system will be more effective if the sand is blown out with some pressure, possibly even in an angle away from the car?
2.) What amount of sand would be needed? I guess if sand would be dispersed every time the brakes are applied, it would be quite a lot. Maybe make it something that is applied only in emergency situations (like an airbag), combine it with a distance meter, or only have the sand dispersed if someone slams the brakes, or a sensor detects that a wheel is blocking?
By blindgraphics
Well, I think the air idea is great. If the sand were dispersed right over the top of the wheel, well...right in front of the top of the might work too. The container..I don't think would have to be that large, maybe enough to hold a half gallow per wheel and it could be activated only in case of extreme conditions and could be refilled with extree sand in the trunk of the car...which is always a good idea to keep weight in back during icy conditions. Seems like an easy enough gadget that could somehow be turned on n' off and may even be hand activated pressin a button on the sterrin' wheel..or someplace that would just send an electrical charge to a device in the top o' the container which would open and allow the sand to flow.
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By Steve
Just an add-on idea - if you need to apply several tons on the roads, sand is probably the best choice (because it's cheap). But maybe, for this particular purpose, it might make sense to develop a similar material / powder that is more expensive but provides better traction and isn't a hazard to the environment either?

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