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By Stephen de las Heras
A positive symbol for the new century: Inspired by the tragic events of September 11th 2001, the Universal Code Flag is an attempt to create a moral banner for our time. In these difficult days it seems that an international rallying symbol is missing in the world, and this flag is an attempt to fill that void.
By Tina Seidel
Great idea !
Have you thought about a design yet? I would think something colorful and interweaving would fit the idea.
By denico
thats a great idea
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By Steve
Why - what's wrong with the old one? ;-)

By denico
hey what should i do i have these friends that r mad
By Lizard
That concept has been around for over 30 years
It's called the "PEACE SYMBOL". Just take a look
at any 1969 Volkswagen camper.
By G
There is a positive's been around for centuries...and although the designers meant to inspire fear and cause confusion, it has long since become a reminder of hope. It too was inspired by a rather tragic event. It is an international rallying symbol, accepted and/or recognized in several countries. That symbol is the cross. All may not agree since all do not believe in Christ. No matter what flag or symbol is developed, everyone will not agree. But the cross has a great track record. I have to wonder about those who are not drawn by it's symbolism. What would be the real meaning behind a universal code FLAG if the cross is not a sufficient reminder of morality. Just give it some thought.
By zyx Rationalist
This is a beginning of a new internet Era, this idea is a step towards freedom of all people from the borders of their countries. This is the wakeup time and to do something as we have realised our unity and oneness. Its time to abolish concept of a country and become an Earthling. All with the help of Internet.
The right to roam freely on this planet at our will will be ours.
By Guest
Just what we need: a new banner to remind us where our own troops are while we are fighting the battle against the forces of evil. Probably under the inspiring guidance of a moral Stalin like George W. Bush, who all by himself is capable to define which countries are good or evil. Morals and Ethhics are to be found inside a person and meant to be put to practice. Those looking up at a banner ususally forget to look inside for ethics, and those ranting about the values represented by the banner usually lack any notions about morals or ethics. Look for your own examples.
By nikos_ps
World has already many flags but it lacks of humanity and sensitivity. The only thing I would like to see happening is the weekest nation on earth discovers the most powerful weapon (but an ecologic one), that man kind has ever seen and give a nice lesson to all these "strong" and "universal" flags that keep exploiting and killing every human being that touches their profits.
Only one flag you need. No designs and not stupid colors. White and with the word "TRUTH" in it. ;-D
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By Steve
Yeah, or the infamous white eagle against a white background. :-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
Hey Lizzard -- if you've got somethin' bad to say about my 69 VW Camper -- be man enough to say it right to it's big flat face!!!


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