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Someone just drove through my apartment parking lot with a half wave 'fiberglass' CB antenna (fishing pole length) mounted on their truck. When manufacturing the antenna, why not add the fishing line rings and fishing reel mounts into the fiber glass to create a dual purpose product (added value). I just did a google search and found that some people have wrapped wire around a fishing pool to make a cheap CB antenna but found nothing marketed the other way around -- a factory made CB antenna/fishing rod.

I suppose you might have to specially design the fishing line rings to prevent snagging on low overhanging trees and use a 'quick disconnect' at the base of the antenna because of the now increased popularity of the product among thieves but,.. it might be worth doing.

I must be overlooking something REALLY obvious because I can not believe someone hasn't done this already. However, you never know! My patent attorney (35 years experience) once advised me NOT to waste my money in an attempt to patent my "ROCKabsorber" because, although it was a great and badly needed mass market idea, it was so very VERY simple that I would have a better chance at winning the New York State Lottery. He was wrong.

My ROCKabsorber US patent number (expired) is 5,165,636 so, sometimes, no matter what anybody says, follow that dream!

For those that are curious, the ROCKabsorber is a self stabilizing chair/table/machine foot that eliminated the rocking problem -- even on cobble stone floors.
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By Steve
Makes sense to me! If the fish is stronger to you, just hit the gas and "drive" it out of the water! :-B
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By Michael D. Grissom
I think, from now on, I'll just base my cartoons on your responses Steve. You just KNOW I've now got to do one of poor 'ol Bubba, his tow truck, and the whale!

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