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By showmethegadget
Design a computer with two mice, one for each hand. The non-dominant hand would help with processing tasks rather than typically laying idle.
By buddytoliver
You can already do this quite easily with a second USB mouse. I actually have several--the one easiest to use while doing something else is the "Rocket Mouse" which you actually wear on your hand and move with your thumb.
Another highly recommended alternative input device is the Twiddler one handed keyboard/mouse combo.
By jjtwriter
I have sometimes thought of a variation of this: a mouse that is operated with your foot. It would allow both hands to be free to type. This might work well for people who do a lot of typing and who fill out a lot of forms.

It would probably have to be a one-button mouse, unless you could activate one with your toes and another with your heel. And of course it would have to be very sturdy. Frustrated computer users might end up crushing a lot of foot mice!
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By Michael D. Grissom
Many companies are working on an eye movement controlled cursor. When perfected, I think it will become a new standard.

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