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By Gustav Egli
Everyone knows the problem that someone gave you his calling card, but by the time you use it, the phone number is outdated. The Self-Updating Calling Card has a battery and a tiny receiver. Once in a while it will connect to the Self-Updating Calling Card Center that has issued the card. If there's new data, it will automatically replace the old information and show it on the card. Thus your contacts will stay up-to-date forever. If you want to break with your old acquaintances, no problem, just cancel your account at the Self-Updating Calling Card Center, your old acquaintances may then recycle your cards by using them for themselves.

Reward: Get me a set of cards for free, or if there's a monthly fee for using those cards, waive the fee for me.
By Andrew Adler
Always wanted to do this via a internet repository with 'sub-levels'. The levels would determine what addresses/phone numbers were published based on a code you gave the person in question.
Then you would just update your personal information in the repository as it changed over time.
Your idea of smart cards is very useful but sounds expensive at our current levels. It did prompt me to consider a 'hook' to a client's address book though, thank you!
By duh
discourage your friends from buying you calling cards as gifts, you obviously rarely use them!

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