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By ratnakar
I am so tired of having fashion imposed on me. Sometimes I would like to design my clothes. Can't anybody invent a personal robot with inbuilt software that can just take the cloth and make the garments as per my instructions? My personal tailor. I can have the best designer stuff at affordable price (not including cost of the robot) with my own label. Why would I even have to open a manufacturing unit and pay people to work for me. Someone please make one soon.

Reward: just gimme the robot for free!
By fiabelle
I love the idea!! I've always thought of cool stuff, but I am not good at sewing and stuff..So it would be cool to have a robot do that for me!
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By Michael D. Grissom
It's probably somewhere in the near future. We already have sewing machines that have an inboard PC compatible computer AND... robotics that can do almost anything a PC commands it to SO... it's just a matter of combining the two -- right? THEN... maybe I can put together a quadra-fold hyperbolic parachute to wrap around me for prom night (just to be different). :-)
Great idea and not far away at all. I'm suprised it's not already on the market, and if it is - why it's not widely known.
By zodiac
yes i definatly agree on the idea of getting a robot to make ur clothes.
because i can never find the clothes which i like in the shops.
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