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By Buck Houston
A bath mat made from rubber, with hundreds of 15mm tentacles which stick up vertically and cushion/massage the foot whilst draining the excess water away to the base of the mat (much as the latest pub drip trays)... There should then be a removable plug facility in the base so that the water which has drained into the capacity base can be poured away after use. The joy is that the mat may be used by a house-full of people without anyone suffering the soggy bath mat fate of going second etc. AND there are probably reflexology related benefits from the movable tentacles on the sole too. I think a transparent rubber would be cool and you could also do funky 'imac' style colours too as well as a kinky black version?

Reward: Some bath mats as described - various colours and a trip to the factory of origin.
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
For the purposes of marketing, you may want to lose the word "tantacles"...

Just a thought.

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