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By stephan d
I have two small children and they drink alot of juice. I'd like to buy it by the keg and stop waisting those plastic bottles and extra trips to the grocers.

Reward: a keg-o-juice
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By Steve
Not quite sure - how would this save the trip to the grocers? 8-o Thanks for the clarification!
By stephan d
I drive to the store at least thrice a week for more juice. We have alot of kids comin' and goin' and always underestimate how much they can drink. I wouldn't mind so much if I recycled the plastic jugs but 'cause I don't , I don't like to buy them (consumer guilt). :,-(
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By Steve
No question about the ecological benefit. Just thought you meant it would save you the/some trips to the grocers which I didn't understand...
By stephan d
If I could buy 16gal of fruit juice, I'd only have to purchase one (keg) about one time a month?,maybe. :-D I like the grin'n e'mocon & the this one in shades looks alot like me B-)
By stephan d
Of course, you didn't know this about me but I don't like to buy more than I can carry (isn't all invention spawned from lazitude?) :*) he looks like I feel :*) which three look like they took a shot in the groin 8-o :-o O:-) well maybe :-/

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