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By bluegypsophilia
There is reflective material that is added to children's clothing and boots sometimes, etc. I love this and would find it interesting to have an artistic design created from it. You could have something for the living room, or children's room (would be great for the little ones when darkness arives). You could go crazy with themes for this (Egyptian, flowers for girls, fish, religious, whatever your fancy might be).

Reward: world's biggest sand dollar
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By FlatTop808
That kind of reflective material bounces incoming light back to where it came from, i.e. from the headlights of a car, off the kid's shoes, back to the driver in the car. In ambient light like a bedroom, it really doesn't do much. Unless you were walking around the bedroom with a light on your head, you wouldn't see the material shine. What you really need is a material that will take ambient light and reflect all of it in one direction. Should I put that in a post of its own?
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By Steve
Posting it here in this thread would be just fine, after all it's based on the idea bluegypsophilia had. Thanks for asking. ;-D

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