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By kcmaxie
How about a light as an accessory on a cell phone. You would press a button on the side of the phone and the light would go on, thereby allowing you to read a menu, a show program, or see your key hole at home or at your car in the dark. I know that many cell phones have "lighted" faces, but it's not enough light and is not easy to direct it to an area to help you see in the dark. This light would run on the cell telephone battery. This would be a very simple addition, and would be very helpful.

Reward: a free telephone with this device added for me and my family members
By Kay
hello kcmaxie,

take a look at Nokia 5100, there you are.

Good luck for asking Nokia, if you can get one for free ;-)
By megamancom2
there are other solutions for not having enough light around, such a the small LED flashlights that you could put on your keychain.

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