Yesterday's news and re-inventions that have been submitted to the Creativity Pool. See what they look like and where to get them.
By Ann Moroz
I would like a flip-type handset for plain old cordless phones. While we all have cordless phones, they offer no protection to keep the buttons from being accidently pushed. They have them for cell phones, why not for cordless. I carry a phone with me all day but would like to be able to put it in my pocket. We keep 4 phones in our home/business and I'll be the first buyer.
By Yoni
Actually, something like this already exists. It's a real cellular phone that, when you get home (or to the office), you can flip a switch and it becomes your cordless. Great idea - in SIT, we call it "Unification".

Yoni Stern
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By Steve
Maybe you also know where to get it?

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