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By Robedw
My idea is to insert magnets into the bumpers (front, back, side and rear) of cars. This, if developed properly, could prevent all vehicular accidents. I'm not sure if it's feasible, but I really want to know about the possibilities. Any information would be great.

Reward: Credit for the idea and maybe a development role would be fantastic. Let me know me know about the possibilities.
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By swimmer
That is a good idea , but there is problems to be solved to achive a success .

1 . its not possible to install permanent magnets :
a . They are heavy
b. They catch metals ( Iron ) ( You will be draging 300 kg of steel ).

So the magnetic field should be generated by electricity .

2 . the power of the field must be great so it will make the desired effect , thus powerful coils and maybe backup batterie .

3 . The sens of the magnetic field should be carefully decided so that the cars will repell not attract !!!
The cars must communicate , maybe by digital or analogue system , so that the magnets will have same magnetic field direction .
By WSparrow23
The other problem is that magnets that strong would cause major problems for electronics, wireless signals, radio waves, etc.
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By swimmer
as magnets are at the front of the car , they can be shielded from behind to protect car electronis . and the other can does not have elctronics near the rear bumper.
By Robedw
Given that we're talking electro-magnetic waves now, does this mean that would be possible? My goal in this by the way is to prevent ALL vehicle crashes, eventually all over the world. But i believe you could start in one city and see how it works.

If we didn't use an electro-magnetic system, the other idea i had is (and this is a little bit further out there) - automatic driving for the disabled. The car would be directed by a series of commands - much like a space shuttle to act remotely from a command centre. It would be fully accesible from a secure location and would allow people with disabilities more freedom.

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