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I am not an engineer but it seems to me that a light car should be able to be propelled for short trips by human power. I suggest a bicycle drive connected to a hydraulic pump that in turn feeds an orbit motor or perhaps directly to an automatic transmission. I suggest hydraulic power rather than mechanical drive because a relatively small hydraulic pump can produce tremendous pressure. Heat from the oil flow could be cooled through the existing oil cooler or directed to an interior heater for cold climates.

It likely could not develop highway speeds but most urban traffic now flows at less than 60km/hour. For longer trips perhaps it could be supplemented with a small gasoline engine similar to those used on bicycles occasionally.

I welcome advice or suggestions.
By russellsrealestate
I think a hydraulically propelled vehicle makes a lot of sense, the old (90s) quality movement used to use the hydraulic car for a parediem shift: car with an 18 hp engine propels a car with pretty much the same specs as a gasoline car. It uses a constant speed engine (doesn't decel at stops,) charges accumulators just like electric cars motors charge batteries when coasting. When at a stop sign the pump builds additional pressure in the accumulator to aid in acceleration.
I think with the torque a hydraulic motor can produce, 500 foot pounds would be easy to produce, I think the flow to maintain the motor speed needs to be calculated. It has great possibilities since you could run an SUV with a 50HP engine, getting the mileage of a VW rabbit.
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