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By sjxsn13
A small, individual tent that can be inflated through the use of a foot pump, and a quick release valve for easy deflation. No more wrestling with poles and ties to try to erect your tent. Think of the time this would save.

The tent could be made out of a strong material, such as gortex, to help in the prevention of holes or tears. The gortex fabric would also make it weather proof ... no more rain coming in from above. Due to the fact that it is inflatable you would have an instant mattress to lie on instead of the cold, hard ground that is normally associated with camping.

And, if you really want to get crazy with it ... you could throw it out in the middle of the lake (it floats!) and you'd have an instant waterbed!!

Just a fun idea that was running through my head!!

Reward: I want a "Bubble Tent!"
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By Lisa
There's quite a lot of inflatable tents out on the market!
You can find some nice ones, if you just google "inflatable tent".
By hawa f
i really appreciate this idea :-B .... this idea is gorgeous. ;D ... dont u think of patenting it or it might have been patented by another person? :-?

waiting for ur reply
hawa f B-)
By David Hansen
Already lots of inflatable tents are out there, include camping tent, bubble tent(transparent), advertising, dome, wedding and many other usages. But I am not sure that floating on water tent whether exists or not, but definitely sound cool.

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