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By Kelvin R. Smalls
My idea is pretty unique. I came up with the idea of automatic house blinds and curtains. Instead of getting up every time to close the blinds and curtains, you can do it with just a push of a button. As you push the button on the remote control for your blinds and curtains, just watch them close on it's own.
By Danni R.
I like this one very much - but even better than letting down the blinds by a push of a button, how about clapping? LOL
By Dave
Um, this like already exists and has for a while.
By Brett Jaeger
ok, great, someone has invented an automatic blind closer, but with motors and standard hanging blinds.

why not make it cool? how about at a touch of a button, a window you could see thru a second ago becomes milky white, or black?

using the principles of the polarization of light, you could do this...have you ever bought a pair of polarized sunglasses? notice how everything appears crisper, and glare is eliminated? that's because the sunglasses are only letting thru light that is polarized in one direction (effectively blocking the other polarizations - the ones that cause glare, etc.).

now imagine you have another pair of polarized sunglasses. if you rotate this pair 90 degrees to the first pair, as you watch from the back (thru both pairs of sunglasses), your view will become dimmer and dimmer, until you no light passes thru!

(i've actually never tried this experiment with 2 pairs of polarized sunglasses, but 2 polarizer filters for a camera would work just as well).

now, for a window,
you could do this mechanically by rotating 2 polarizers against each other, it requires large sheet polarizers and circular windows, but it could be done, but you still have to mess around with motors, and it would take time to rotate, but maybe that we'd like that effect.

an alternate (and much cooler) idea may be a bit expensive, but if people are buying those huge screens for digital art, maybe there's a market.
there are devices called LCD liquid polarizers. for example, ... qcrys1.htm
apply a certain voltage, and walla, you have polarization without mechanical rotation. on this site, these types have max "see-thru" diamters of 1.7 inches (that is the spec called clear aperture).

i think these devices are in the $thousands range, but you could build one now if you had the resources. but you only get a 1.7 inch window. someone could develop a pane of glass, or even bay windows, with this method.

i think it hasn't been done since the liquid crystal is sandwiched in between 2 layers of glass, and larger glass size create inconsistencies in the separation distance, which screws up the polarization, but i'm dampening my own idea. shame. the orders would pour in. one, because, it be nice to have no cracks of light, like blinds give you in your eye. two, another advantage, is adjustable brightness. three, a high cool factor. touch a button, instant darkness, or light!

reward for me: 3 6x10 foot bay windows, or enough panes to make that many.
By Andrew Adler
The most promising material for dialing the transparency of your window seems to via the use of electochromic materials. So far I have seen this process used in automobiles for mirrors but have only caught wind of one window/glass door size specimen in a research lab. Do a search on electrochromic with coppernic or some other search engine for more information.

If you ever run find this has JUST emereged on the commercial market drop me an email.
By mtbelanger
this already exists and besides, it is not that hard to open and close blinds!
By Gordman
You have really nice interesting ideas about it although i think there are already automatic blinds on the market. Window blinds are a very important item for our homes, they usually dictate the decorating style for interiors, this is why i think it's more important do create blinds whit specific designs and materials rather the automatic ones. I would go whit some more creativity and diversity, we all want our homes to be unique.
By danneva
Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can literally destroy sofas, chairs and other upholstered furniture. The sunlight coming into the room can be reduced, diverted, or even totally blocked using window blinds. Window blinds will keep your furniture from fading, saving you the time and cost of having it reupholstered or having to replace it altogether.
By rockisshell
If your house is made of a high wall and roof and natural light penetrates more than normal. In these cases, a set of motorized blinds, you can use a remote control to adjust the blinds. There are many modern designs that you can automate parameters.
By drewwilliam
Window blinds are not so costly, there are many design in wide range of roller blinds like panel blinds, venetian blind, roman blinds and many more. Even we are confused in the market that which one we can take or which one not..

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