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By cam2kx
i have a great idea for modems on computers.

by now all cell phones have internet capatiblites, but why can't desktop computers get cell phone internet? hmmm?
it would be faster then dail up and be always on, how cool is that?

i would like peoples opinons on this please.

Reward: free modems after every upgrade (thats a modem upgrade)
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By Steve
Afak that's already possible - all you need is an infrared device. The only problem is that cell phone internet is much more expensive in most countries, so if people want to spend so much money, they simply go for a cable modem.
By cam2kx
:-C what kind of infrared? and im talking about u.s.a not other countries. and why would you need cable/dsl/satillite when you can live almost anywhere in u.s.a and get cell phone interent on your labtop, pda, desktop computer. bi know pda's come with phones sometimes.

im mainly looking for a good replacement for satillite internet which is very expensive. dsl is about $25 an month cable is maybe $45 and satilite is slower then both and is $65 a month. thats the facts

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