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By raeinteymouri
I was thinking about a soundproof ear protector which is really more efficient than typical ones. Typical ear protectors are big and not really efficient. By using better soundproof materials and remodeling them we can achieve smaller and more efficient ear protectors. It is not possible to sleep in bed with those giant ear protectors on, but with new small one you can experience a noiseless night.
By Jras
With todays technology noise cancelling is possible. microphones are placed on the outside of each earpiece which then gets processed through the earphones as Anti-noise. this cancels out backround noise.
By techRobo
Sound Proof Headphones
This Site is about Sound Proof Headphones and the different kinds of headphones that is available in the market. In this lens you will get to read articles, reviews and recommendations before purchasing a sound proof headphone.

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