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By furious
I think it would be cool to create a vibrating reuseable condom.
By Rishi
I always thought that what is inside the condom is the one supposed to be vibrating and reusable.

Condoms have to be thin, soft, and very flexible to to transmit warmth and tactile sensation. Such an object just cannot vibrate. It is possible to make a very rigid, thin condom out of the new composite materials (Carbon fibre reinforced plastic) or ceramics. Such an object can vibrate but would render what normally goes inside it irrelevant.

The other problem is that a special washing machine will have to be designed to permit reuse. Natural latex is degradable. Hence it appears that the current versions are suitable most of the time.

There are party versions that are shaped like a bull's head, or a ram with fancy horns (rather appropriate). These are nonfunctional and carry a warning that they are strictly decorative and not to be used for contraception.

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