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By gigatee
Many vehicles can be designed to harvest the energy they waste or evolve. Any vehicle like bicycle, motorcycle, car, boat, even planes, can use this HyperHybrid app. Example: a car has regenerative brakes, add 'wind resistance mini-intake turbines' to havest airflow as vehicle accelerates; add solar panels that charge, add all sorts of heat exchangers, ion-flow screen collectors, collectors of momentum forces, vibration (bounce) forces, piezo collectors, evaporative cooling exchangers on the 'skin' of vehicle for thermoionic power generation as the vehicle travels, and about a hundred other *lightweight* collectors/harvesters. Build the test models with interchangeable parts or upgradeable collectors (like PCs). Even harvesting 20-30% of all forces/energy sources on vehicle would be easy. Reaching 90% is a goal (every action has opposite and equal reaction --to harvest). Some would say 'all the extra weight of collectors cancels out the energy harvested.' However, tell that to the bumble bee who according to aerodynamic calculations would not be able to fly. I have estimated dozens of forces or sources to be harvested or used on simple cars: pneumatic frictionless pumps, hydraulics, pendula accelerometers, not to mention magnetic momentum collectors, foils to reduce drag at higher speeds, telluric-ground coil collectors on bottoms of cars harvesting at high speed travel, recharging springs... the list goes on. These options could modify current 'car-casses' rather than creating new ones. However, a 'ground up' design with hundreds of recovery components would be great! Good luck making it happen!

Reward: A Neon Green model.

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