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By maggieandben
Everyone hates to rake and clean up dog poop, leaves, pine cones, etc. How about a nice new picker-upper for the front and/or back yard. This would eliminate work and hassle a ton! No more picking up gooey, smelly dog crap everyday to make your yard look better, this one will do the job in a snap!

Reward: This product, The Outdoor Vacuum Cleaner
By joejlitz
Good idea, but these already exist. Do a Google search and you will find there are several available for purchase. ;D

Think of all the ways you use your various vacuums indoors. Now, isn't it about time someone manufactured a vacuum for the great outdoors? Leaves are so blasé. How about hedge clippings, sweet gum balls, mulch, broken glass, window wells? You get the picture-there are no shortage of ways to use a great vacuum outdoors.

Billy Goat’s new MultiVac creates the standard by which all outdoor vacuums will now be measured. We began by listening to what customers wanted: Zipperless bags, easy empty bags, rear wheel drive system, and suction to spare.

The new MultiVac delivers. Billy Goat engineers started with a rear wheel drive and top-fill design. From there they added an adjustable intake, three-speed transmission, a 30-gallon zipperless bag, and a quality Honda engine.

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