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By fmaneiras
They were doing in the bytes of computers a different, ie instead of 8-bit bytes, it would be only this 5bit, 4bit, 3bit, 2bit and 1 bit together. Thus the computer would do calculations faster and occupy less space.
By joejlitz
I read through several online articles to understand this a little better and from what I've gathered, this is already being done:
The size of the byte has historically been hardware dependent and no definitive standards exist that mandate the size. The de facto standard of eight bits is a convenient power of two permitting the values 0 through 255 for one byte. Many types of applications use variables representable in eight or fewer bits, and processor designers optimize for this common usage.

Though this is from Wiki, I think it will suffice as reasoning, unless some other techno wizard gets on here and can explain it better. ;D

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