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By tofustaggerbush
A Fail-Safe to prevent run-away push-chairs (baby buggies) or wheel-chairs.

If the speed exceeds a normal walking speed, the brake is automatically applied.

Similarly, an auto-brake whereby to release the brake, a lever must be depressed. If released, the brake applies.

This will prevent run-away push-chairs or wheel-chairs.

Reward: An "Optimus Maximus" from Art Lebdev Studios would be my "dream" reward.
By joejlitz
This link has a video that shows a braking system that is activated both with hand grips (the auto-brake you mention below) and when a person sits in the chair.

I have a stroller (buggy) with a leash that wraps around my wrist. If I lose control of the stroller and it starts to move too fast, the leash will keep it from getting away from me.

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