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By tejesh_83
Hi, I wanna make a chess board which will be provided with 2 microphones on either sides. The chess board should be designed in such a way that when you open the chess board the chess dots will emerge from the below the chess board to take its respective places in the chess board. All the chess moves should be automatic or operated only via the microphones(for example if I say b3 without touching with the hands the assigned chess dot should move to b3) and while taking down a piece the chess block below the dot should part away and the piece should collapse into the block with a sound. The block that has been parted away should come back to normal position. It should then take in the piece with which it has been killed with.(for example if I say Ch8 then the piece that is at h8 will collapse into the chess board and the piece at C should move to H8 automatically). And this entire board should run on Linux, C, or Java. But most preferably I want it to run on Linux. I'd like to take any idea gladly that is related to it. I'd also like that the person giving me suggestions my project give me a detail list of raw materials, circuit diagram and the availability of the raw materials. One more thing the person whosoever gives me the solution should be an expert in either of the three programming languages listed above.
By tejesh_83
[quote="joejlitz"]Interesting modifications, but I'm not sure what problem we are solving here.

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Maybe if you could expand on why this would benefit chess players... :] [/quote]

It would help those people who don't wish to play with hands or people who know chess notations and are travelling by flights, buses, cars etc.

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