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By cynet
The concept is simple:
A Battery Powered Wi/Fi Hard Disk Drive protected by a fire-proof water-proff box.

A lot of my pride and joy is in my computer.
If disaster every struck I would be out of luck. This would insure protection of anything that can be digitized.

Plus a softwear package that would
(how should I say this)
Officalize offical documents would be nice.
That way you could re-print offical documents.

Plus make sure it is water tight. So it floats.
Or make it sinkable and throw it in your septic tank. No one will steal it then.
But then again you will never replace your batteries.

Or make it solar power, Microwave transmitable, with a GPS locator, ship it to NASA, and have them throw it out to
I think that's safe.

Reward: The product of course.
The later the better.
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By Steve
Cynet, please let me know if this should replace your original submission - thanks!
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By cynet
Yes it was a replacement.
On the first one I thought I did not click the agreement tick so I re-wrote it.
I thought it was more humorious.
You really should fix that.
Membership has it Privileges?
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By Steve
cynet wrote:Membership has it Privileges?

Not sure what you're referring to - you can't submit an idea to the database without signing up in the forums. Is that what you mean? :-?
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By cynet
I didn't know that.
What I was actually refering to was a comment I Made in the suggestion channel called "Membershp has it priviliges"
I thought it would be nice if in our profile your comentators could type in their address and stuff and that info would be automatically posted when we want to submit a idea (as a member).
Plus a check mark that is also in the profile that checks the tick mark in the submit your idea box.
I think that a good idea for people who like to submit a lot of ideas. Though it seems like most of your 1000 plus members are readers.

I thought my Indestructible Wi/Fi HDD was a good idea, what a waste. :~(

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