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By whassap
Here is my idea on how we could possibly create free electricity, this will be a bit complex but I do think this could possibly work, maybe not exactly like the way I say it, but with a few modifications that i couldnt think of, it would work like a charm possibly :)

What i would like to do is create a self generating generator that does not use gas, rather it will use a spring loads to push a flat rack gear thats long enough in length to turn a gear for at least 12 hours. It will turn it slowly, lets say at 1 rpm. where the springs are pushing it, the crank will spin where its one hour per revolution, and wind it up 12 revolutions. The rack will have a shock absorber too of some kind to manage the electricity and help make it a steady rpm.

The gear part on the flat gear rack will have "flaps" over it where once it rewinds, it will not rotate the gears backwards and always keep it forward when in use again. The gear that its spinning will be on a shaft that will spin another gear thats for example 10 inches in diameter, and it will be spinning a 1 inch diameter gear, so that 1 rpm will spin the other shaft to 10 rpm. Then that will spin another shaft at 10 rpm for another 10:1 ratio set of gears ot make it 100 rpm, then you keep doing it to make the electric a standard 60 hz to power up a home.

Now to make it repeatable, where will be 2 generators side by side, once one generator is done, it will kick on the other generator, while the other generator is being kicked on and as its rewinding to make electricity, it will start winding up the generator 1, and once that unwinds, generator 1 will unwind and start winding up generator 2 and repeat.

Now to store that energy will be a really good battery that would last I would say an average of one week of regular house hold usage (greater length of time if you consume less energy as in turning off more lights and not using high amp powered items) . So if theres a problem, you have time to fix it or get a new one or another alternative to electricity before everything is powered out and your screwed.

By the way, in the end, it will spin a magnet with a series of copper coils (i would do at least 3 copper coils) to make AC power.

I am posting this on here because I dont plan on making money on this, if i do create it myself, i will charge people only for labor, and maybe a little extra for myself but thats about it. This idea is to help make a better and more free world to live in. Creating free power can mean creating machines to process food. So it will eventually be free food and also machines to make housing as well which will be free housing. I wanna live in a more free society where people dont have to dedicate there lives working all the time to make a living providing for there family. Working for 100 hours a year instead of the standard 2000 hours a year roughly working ful time, i would much rather do :)

Reward: Reward: getting this product and all the necessary extras to make this feature work for free (especially for testing purposes) and helping me rewiring any part of the house to use this and setting this up.
By Eden
I've thought of things like this before. But I've learned more about the concept of energy.

In order to produce a given amount of energy one must input the same exact amount of energy or more.

Energy Out is always equal to or less than Energy In. (With exception of Nuclear Power, which the energy already contained in an atom could be much more then the energy required to release it. However Nuclear efficient sustainable Nuclear Power is currently impossible).

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